Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Reclamation of Vacuna (Old Timers League): Battle Report for Round 1

The set-up for this battle will be: Scorched Earth! (Battle Missions Book) with 4 Objectives

This is a battle being fought and recorded for the Old Timers League Warhammer 40K Reclimation of Vacuna campaign.

The forces taking place in this battle are:

Elements of the Imperial Guard's Corinthean 501st Reclamation force:
Lord Commissar Unfeldt
2 Squads of Grenadier Veteran's in Chimera's
1 Squad of Ratling Long Rifles
(3) Sentinels
Punisher (Retribution)
Manticore (Prucella)
Leman Russ Tanks (Old Maid, Fist of Fury)

Total: 1,500pts

Deathguard (Maggots of Despair):
Nurgle Chaos Lord
Plague Marines: Squad Mortis with Aspiring Champion Brother Grumblegut
Plague Marines: Squad Moribus with Aspiring Champion Brother Vomitgrot
Plague Marines: Squad Pestis with Aspiring Champion Brother Maggotgut
Nurgle Renegades and Daemonic Support:
(4) Obliterators
Great Unclean One
3 Units of Plague Bearers

Total: 1,500pts

Round 1:
Squads Mortis and Moribus move into the burning cathedral and begin holding two of the 4 objectives.  Squad Pestis and the Deathguard Commander Lord Syphologen begin marching their way towards the third objective while the IG Commissar Lord Unfeldt begins to make his way towards the third objective as well.

Round 2:
In the burning Cathedral, Squad Mortis returns fire on the Ratling Longrifle squad that ambushed them on the first turn.  After losing half of their squad in a hail of unholy bolter fire, the remaining Longrifles decide they did all they could do for Lord Unfeldt and it was now time for them to head back to command and report their findings.  As the Longrifles begin running towards the relative safety of the imperial command, they witness three Obliterators and two squads of Plague Bearers materialize behind their former comrades.  Although one of the Obliterators was killed, a Sentinels was destroyed, and a chimera was immobilized.

Round 3:
Even though an Imperial Punisher and Manticore come out of reserve in support of their beleaguered comrades. a Great Unclean One joins the Chaos Lord in his push towards the third objective as well as another Obliterator materializes out of the void to support his cult brothers deep within the Imperial lines.

The Punisher kills one of the three remaining Obliterators, but not before the immobilized Chimera and it's entire squad get eradicated. The Manticore attempts to support Commissar Unfeldt as he, the remaining guardsmen, and the last two Sentinels opened fire on the Great Unclean One. While one of the Manticores two rockets do indeed land on the GUO, the combined fire power of everything hitting the Great Unclean One results in only one wound. Unfortunately for Lord Unfeldt, the second missile meets with more success as it lands in the middle of his squad of Grenadiers.

Round 4:
As the two remaining Imperial Leman Russ Tanks finally rumble onto the scene, the Punisher earns it's second kill of a Nurgle Obliterator.  The kill did not come in time to stop the combined firepower of the remaining two Obliterators from destroying the Imperial Manticore.  More Plague Bearers appear behind the Guardsman's lines and begin to form a defensive perimeter around the fourth objective.

The Deathguard host decending onto the third objective proved to be too much Lord Unfeldt and the remaining Grenadiers.  Unfeldt, the Grenadiers, both Sentinels, and the last Chimera are all destroyed.  The third and final objective falls into the hands of the servants of Nurgle.

Round 5:
The last of the Obliterators is able to take out one of the two Leman Russ Tanks before it too is destroyed.  Leaving a contingent of Plague Bearers to secure the third objective,  Lord Syphologen, the Great Unclean One, and Squad Pestis of the Deathguard begin to make their way to the remaining two Imperial Tanks.

Round 6:
The remaining Imperial Tanks fire half-heartedly into the advancing forces before they decide to follow in the wake of the retreating Ratling Longrifles.

Nurgle CSM Victory:  2-0


With the battle finally over, the summoned Daemons begin to fade as they return to the warp.  Lord Syphologen turns to his troops and begins barking commands.  "Gather the Imperial bodies.  The survivors are to be sent back to our Lord Commander on board the Contagion....." he begins to grin maliciously......"the dead, well they come with us!"

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