Saturday, January 29, 2011

Update to History Page

I apologize to all for such a long lapse in activity on this blog.  Between working an insane amount of hours, trying to re-model my house, and fixing up the small flat I rented in town to be used as my "Man-Cave"/Gaming Area, I haven't had time to play any proper 40K.

Hopefully that will now be rectified!  Here is an update to my history page:

At present, the Maggots of Despair have been sighted in the Vacuna System.  The planet Vacuna was once a thriving Hiveworld, but is currently being ravaged by the Waagh of Ork Warboss 'Eadsplitta.  It is unclear why Grandfather Nurgle has instructed Mortarion to send some of Deathguard there, but the Imperial relief forces en route to the besieged system are in for a more daunting task than what they bargained for. 

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