Saturday, March 13, 2010

Updates to "Pages"

Finally added some more pictures to the "Troops" page, and started working on the "HQ and Support" page.

Encephalatitus is the Lord Commander of the Death Guards "Maggots of Despair".  Not much is known about the Lord Commander. Although he is usually aboard his command cruiser, The Contagion, Encephalatitus has been known to lead assaults on important targets. When he does, it has always been at the forefront of his Plaguewing Terminators. There are rumors and speculations that Encephalatitus was once a Deathshroud. His size and stature, along with his weapon of choice, a manreaper, help to facilitate this unconfirmed rumor.

When Encephalatitus is not on the battlefield, the senior most Aspiring Champion is given command.

Currently, the Maggots of Despair are in favor with Nurgle and have his fatherly blessings.
 Lord Commander Encephalatitus

Obliterator Cult

Defiler:  The Golgotha

 Blight Drones

Nurgle/Deathguard Dreadnoughts
(Being Stripped and Re-painted)

Great Unclean One

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  1. Crack nurgle models mate, I love the blightdrones and defiler. It almost makes me want to start a chaos army! - Almost ;-)