Sunday, December 20, 2009

Subjugation of Ignus: Mini-Campaign Battle report #5

The fifth and final battle is Annihilation/Pitched Battle.

The forces are the survivors of the first four battles.

Dark Angels:
Deathwing squad (245pts)
Combat Squad #1 (145pts)
Combat Squad #2(145 pts)
Venerable Dread (170pts)
Force Commander (125pts)++KIA++
Librarian (160pts)
Total: 990pts

Plague Marines, Squad Mortis (241pts)
Plague Marines, Squad Rictus (241 pts)
Sorcerer (160 pts)
Lesser Daemons (91 pts)
Lesser Daemons (91 pts)
Lesser Daemons (91 pts)
Lesser Daemons (91 pts)
Total: 1006pts

*Special Rules:
Player may split unit(s) in the movement phase.
Deathwing Terminators may take two heavy weapons.
Dark Angel combat squads may have an assault weapon as well as a heavy weapon.
Daemons are available on turn 1. 5+ to summon Daemons on all turns.

The Dark Angel player wins the dice roll and will set-up first.

Turns 1 and 2:
The Deathguard attempt to seize the iniative, and succeed! The first two turns are relatively slow with both sides attempting to get into better positions. A couple of the Deathguard are wounded, as well as a couple of the Dark Angels. All of the Daemonic support for the Deathguard arrive by turn 2.

Turn 3:
Turn three has the Dark Angel Librarian and the remaining Deathwing Terminators assault Squad Rictus of the Deathguard, and the remains of the Dark Angel tactical squads assault the advancing Nurgle lesser Daemons. The Plasma gunner from squad Mortis and the Dark Angel Dread exchange fire with the plasma gunner able to knock out the missile launcher on the dread.

Turn 4:
Is a bloody mess! Deathguard, Deathwing, Dark Angels, etc....all die. It is a bloodbath. Even Khorne would be impressed. The aspiring champion from squad Mortis joins the fray against the combined Dark Angel tactical squads, but is killed before he can even get to attack with his powerfist......aaaargh!

Turn 5:
At the end of turn 5, the Dark Angel librarian finally falls to the relentless attacks the lesser daemons, but not before he dispatches the aspiring champion from squad Rictus. The Plasma gunner from squad Mortis lands another glancing hit on the Dark Angel dread and knocks out the twin linked lascannons.

Turn 6:
Game ends with a slim, and I do mean slim Deathguard Victory: 4-3

Survivors for the Dark Angels:
1 crippled Dread

Injuries for the Deathguard:
1 plasma gunner
2 lesser daemons from 1 squad
1 lesser daemon from 1 squad
2 lesser daemons from 1 squad

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