Saturday, November 28, 2009

Subjugation of Ignus: Mini-Campaign Battle Report #4

The fourth battle is Capture and Control/Dawn of War. There will be three objectives.

The forces are the survivors of the first two battle + 250pts (approx).

Dark Angels:
Deathwing squad (245pts)
Combat Squad #1 (145pts)
Combat Squad #2(145 pts)
Venerable Dread (170pts)
Force Commander (125pts)
Librarian (160pts)
Total: 990pts

Plague Marines, Squad Mortis (241pts)
Plague Marines, Squad Rictus (241 pts)
Sorcerer (160 pts)
Lesser Daemons (91 pts)
Lesser Daemons (91 pts)
Lesser Daemons (91 pts)
Lesser Daemons (91 pts)
Total: 1006pts

*Special Rules:
Player may split unit(s) in the movement phase.
Deathwing Terminators may take two heavy weapons.
Dark Angel combat squads may have an assault weapon as well as a heavy weapon.
Daemons are available on turn 1. 5+ to summon Daemons on all turns.

The Deathguard player wins the dice roll and will set-up first.

Turns 1 and 2:

With Dawn of War in force, turns 1 and 2 go rather quickly as both sides claim an objective and push inward towards the center objective. Although daemonic support arrives early, the Dark Angels small arms fire draw first blood. The Deathguard not only lose a trooper from squad Rictus, but two of the newly arrived daemons as well.

Turn 3:

Combat is engaged! After some small arms fire by both sides, squad Rictus assaults the combined units of the Dark Angel Force Commander, the Deathwing Terms and squad 2, while The Dark Angel Librarian charges a squad of daemons. During both rounds of combat, the DA Force Commander goes down as well as several of the daemons.

Turn 4:

More Daemons enter the battle, with small arms fire from both sides result in no real casualties. Although the Dark Angel Librarian finished off the rest of the Daemons he was fighting during combat, squad Rictus was able to wound the melta gunner from squad 2 and one of the Death Wing Terminators.

Turn 5:

More close combat carnage! Although Brother Grumblegut is wounded and three more daemons fall to the Dark Angel Librarian, the Librarian finally sustains a wound. The combined force of Squad Mortis and Squad Rictus is finally able to drop the last of the Death Wing Terminators. They consilidate and begin heading towards the Dark Angel held objective. Also during turn 5, the missile launcher on the Dark Angel Dread is destroyed.

Turn 6:
Even though the Dark Angel Librarian attempt to stop them, Brother Grumblegut and the combined might of the depleated Squads Mortis and Rictus, are finally able overcome and defeat the Dark Angel Librarian. Squad 1 from the Dark Angels is able to take out the last of the Daemons, but lay down and roll over when charged by the Deathguard Sorcerer, and both aspiring Champions.

Game ends with a Deathguard Victory: 3-0

Injuries for the Dark Angels:

Squad #1: Veteran Sergeant -1ws (1/2 move, -1ws), Lascannon gunner KIA, Melta gunner -1bs (-2bs), Bolter #1 -1bs

Squad #2: Veteran Sergeant -1ws(-3 ws), Melta gunner KIA

Deathwing Terminators: Vetran Sergeant -1 bs (-2bs, -2ws), Assault cannon #2 -1ws (-2ws, -1bs), Storm bolter #2 -1bs (1/2 move, -1ws, -2bs)

Dark Angel Commander: KIA

Dark Angel Librarian: -1bs

Injuries for the Deathguard:

Squad Mortis: Aspiring Champion -1ws (-2ws, -1bs), Helmet KIA, Baldy -1bs (-1bs, -2)

Squad Rictus: Aspiring Champion: -1bs (-3bs), Plasma gunner w/skull head -1ws (-1ws, 1/4 movement), Plasma gunner/fungus body -1ws (-2ws, -1bs), helmet KIA, Nurgle head -1ws

Brother Grumblegut -1bs

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