Thursday, November 19, 2009

Subjugation of Ignus: Mini-Campaign Battle Report 1

The first battle is Sieze Ground/Spearhead with 5 objectives.

The forces (250 pts):
Dark Angels Deathwing Terminator Squad (@245pts)
Deathguard Plague Marine Squad, Squad Mortis (@241pts)

*Special Rules:
Player may split unit(s) in the movement phase.
Deathwing Terminators may take two heavy weapons.

The Deathwing win the dice roll and set-up first. They choose to deploy directly on top of objective #4. The Deathguard deploy approximately half way between objectives #1 and #3.

Turn 1:
The Deathwing split into 3 groups. One assault cannon stays on top of objective #4, while the second one begins moving to objective #5. The Vetran Sergeant and two remaining terms begin moving towards objective #1.

The Deathguard move towards objective #1.

Turn 2:
The two Deathwing Terminators with assault cannons give covering fire to the Vetran Sergeant and two remaining terms as the three of them take cover behind a hedge which is very close to objective #1. The second terminator with assault cannon continues on towards objective #5.

The Deathguard move past objective #1 and Assault the terms behind the hedge. During the combat, two of the Deathguard troops go down as well as two of the "regular" Deathwing terms (power fists and lightning claws make short work of Feels-no-pain and 5+ invulnerable saves).

Turn 3:
The combat continues through both the Deathwing turn as well as Deathguard turn. Although the Deathwing Vet. Sergeant finally goes down, he takes one more Deathguard trooper with him.
Turn 4:

Both of the Deathwing assault cannons open fire upon the Deathguard squad, and one of the plasma gunners is wounded. Unfortunately the plague marine fails his armor save as well as his feels-no-pain.

The remaining three Deathguard split into two units. The second plasma gunner stays in place so that he may continue to claim objective #1, while the other two Deathguard move onward to objective #5.
Turn 5:

Both Deathwing terms open fire upon the advancing two Deathguard, but to no avail.

The Deathguard aspiring champion and trooper reach objective #5 and assault the lone Deathwing terminator there. After a brief but intense fight, the Deathwing terminator fails his 2+ save. The Deathguard have claimed objective #5.

Turn 6:

Game Ends with the Deathguard winning 2-1.

Dark Angels: Vetran Sergeant -1bs, Assault Cannon#2 -1ws, Storm Bolter #1 -1ws, Storm Bolter#2 -half movment.
Deathguard: Plasma gunner #1 KIA, Plasma gunner #2 -1ws, DG with horns KIA, DG with helmet -1ws.
*Although I may have won the battle, having 2 of my Deathguard troopers go down as KIA may prove very costly.

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