Friday, November 20, 2009

Subjugation of Ignus: Mini-Campaign Battle Report 2

The second battle is Annihilation/Spearhead.

The forces are the survivors of the first battle + 250pts.
Dark Angels:
Deathwing squad (245pts)
Combat Squad #1 (145pts)
Combat Squad #2(145 pts)
Total: 530pts

Plague Marines, Squad Mortis (241pts)
Plague Marines, Squad Rictus (241 pts)
Total: 482pts

*Special Rules:
Player may split unit(s) in the movement phase.
Deathwing Terminators may take two heavy weapons.
Dark Angel combat squads may have an assault weapon as well as a heavy weapon.

The Dark Angel player wins the dice roll and will set-up first.

Turn 1:

The Deathwing terminators advance (@1/2 movement) towards the center of the table. The terminators and lascannons from both combat squads open fire upon Squad Mortis. One Deathguard trooper goes down.

Both Deathguard squads advance towards the center of the table and return fire at the Deathwing terminator squad, but to no avail.

Kill Points: 0-0

Turn 2:

The Deathwing continue to slowly move towards the table and with the support of the lascannon from squad #2, they take out yet another Deathguard trooper from squad Mortis. Squad #1 runs forward in support of the Deathwing terminators.

Both Deathguard squads stand their ground and open fire upon the advancing terminators. Two of the terminators fall!

Kill Points: 0-0

Turn 3:

The Deathwing terminators and both combat squads fire upon Squad Mortis in order to soften them up for the impending assault but the Deathguard hold their ground. The terminators and squad #1 assault squad Mortis. Two Deathguard and three Dark Angels from squad #1 fall in the ensuing combat.

Squad Rictus advances and charges into the swirling melee. Two Deathguard troopers from squad Rictus and the aspiring champion from squad Mortis fall while taking out one more Dark Angel trooper from squad #1 as well as the terminator vetran sergeant. Squad Mortis has fallen.

Kill Points: 1-0 in favor of the Dark Angels

Turn 4:

The lone trooper from squad #1 withdraws from the carnage and heads towards the stone wall farthest from combat. Although too far away to reach the combat, squad #2 runs forward in order to support the terminators. One Deathguard trooper falls as well as another Deathwing terminator.

The combat continues through the Deathguard turn. Although another plague marine falls, the last of the Deathwing terminators fall as well.

Kill Points: 1-1

Turn 5:

The lone trooper from squad #1 and the advancing squad #2 open fire upon squad Rictus. Squad #2 then charges into squad Rictus. One plague marine falls as well as two of the troopers from squad #2.

The combat continues through the Deathguard turn. The aspiring champion from squad Rictus falls while taking out two more of the Dark Angels.

Kill Points: 1-1

Turn 6:

Combat during both players turns is a draw with no casualties.

Kill Points: 1-1

Turn 7:

Game ends with a tie: 1-1

Injuries for the Dark Angels:

Squad #1: Vetran Sergeant @1/2 movement, Lascannon gunner -1bs, Melta gunner -1bs, Bolter #1 KIA

Squad #2: Vetran Sergeant -1ws, Lascannon gunner KIA, Melta gunner -1bs, Bolter #1 @1/2 movement

Deathwing Terminators: Vetran Sergeant -1 ws (-1 bs, -1ws), Assault cannon #1 @1/2 movement (-1ws, 1/2 move), Assault cannon #2 -1ws, Storm bolter #1 -1ws (-2ws), Storm bolter #2 -1ws (1/2 move, -1ws)

Injuries for the Deathguard:

Squad Mortis: Aspiring Champion -1ws, Plasma gunner KIA, Plague Bearer Head KIA, Helmet -1bs (-1ws, -1bs), Baldy -1bs

Squad Rictus: Aspiring Champion: -1bs, Baldy -1bs, Plasma gunner w/skull head @1/2 movement, Plasma gunner/fungus body -1ws, helmet -1ws, sword KIA

*Although I may have take out two of the Dark Angels, I lost 3 more of my pustulent ones :( It will be interesting to see what impact the modifiers to ws, bs, and movement may have on the upcoming games.

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