Saturday, November 21, 2009

Subjugation of Ignus: Mini-Campaign Battle Report #3

The third battle is Seize Ground/Pitched Battle. There will be three objectives.

The forces are the survivors of the first two battle + 250pts (approx).
Dark Angels:
Deathwing squad (245pts)
Combat Squad #1 (145pts)
Combat Squad #2(145 pts)
Venerable Dread (170pts)
Force Commander (125pts)
Total: 830pts

Plague Marines, Squad Mortis (241pts)
Plague Marines, Squad Rictus (241 pts)
Sorcerer (160 pts)
Lesser Daemons (91 pts)
Lesser Daemons (91 pts)
Total: 824pts

*Special Rules:
Player may split unit(s) in the movement phase.
Deathwing Terminators may take two heavy weapons.
Dark Angel combat squads may have an assault weapon as well as a heavy weapon.
Daemons are available on turn 1. 5+ to summon Daemons on all turns.

The Deathguard player wins the dice roll and will set-up first.

Turns 1 and 2:
The Dark Angel player attempts to steal the iniative and succeeds. Both the Dark Angels and the Deathguard advance forward and secure one each of the objectives, as well as send forces towards the center of the table in an attempt to claim the third objective. There is some small arms fire but no casualties. Although the daemons are available on turn 1, they fail to appear on either turn.

Turn 3:
Combat is engaged! After some small arms fire by both sides (2 deathguard troopers and 1 deathwing terminator fall) the Deathguard...still without daemonic support...assault both the Dark Angel Combat squad #1 and the Deathwing terminators.

Turns 4 and 5:

The Deathwing Terminators make short work of the injured Deathguard. With squad Mortis out of the way, the terminators easily move in and capture their second objective. Although the Deathguard still have yet to receive their much needed daemonic support, squad Rictus is able to defeat the Dark Angel's at the central objective and claim that as their own.

Turn 6:
Game ends with a Dark Angel Victory: 2-1

Injuries for the Dark Angels:
Squad #1: No Additional Injuries
Squad #2: Veteran Sergeant -1ws(-2 ws), Melta gunner -1ws(-2ws, -1bs), Bolter #1, #2 KIA
Deathwing Terminators: Vetran Sergeant -1 ws (-1 bs, -1ws), Assault cannon #1 KIA, Assault cannon #2 -1bs (-1ws, -1bs), Storm bolter #1 KIA, Storm bolter #2 -1bs (1/2 move, -1ws, -1bs)
Dark Angel Commander: -1 ws

Injuries for the Deathguard:
Squad Mortis: Aspiring Champion -1ws (-1ws, -1bs), Helmet -1bs (-1ws, -2bs), Baldy -1bs (-1bs, -1ws)
Squad Rictus: Aspiring Champion: -1bs (-2bs), Baldy KIA, Plasma gunner w/skull head @1/2 movement...again (@1/4 movement), Plasma gunner/fungus body -1ws (-1ws, -1bs), helmet -1ws (-2ws)

*Lol...I got my butt handed to me on a silver platter! ( Not having any Daemonic support really hurt this game. Hopefully it will turn out better in the upcoming two games.

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