Thursday, November 12, 2009

Maggots of Despair

The "Maggots of Despair" are a large Deathguard sub-faction. They were first encountered during Abaddons 13th crusade. Their infamous raids throughout the Agripinaa Sector were notoriously brutal.

Also known as the Tyrants of Yayor, the Maggots of Despair also participated in the massacres at Dentor and Malins Reach. Their last known sighting during the 13th crusade was the Deathguards unsuccessful attempt to incite an uprising in the capital hive city of Agripinaa Prime. Unconfirmed reports had sightings of Necrosius and the remnants of the Apostles of Contagion working closely with the Maggots of Despair during the failed uprising.

At present, the Maggots of Despair have been assailing the small paradise world of Ignus in the Prox System. The Prox System is but one of many systems in the Aftermath Sector under siege by yet another Chaos Incursion.

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