Saturday, January 2, 2010

Week 9 of the Aftermath Campaign: The Battle for Karsonis

'War makes strange bedfellows' thought the Lord Commander as he reviewed the astropaths message from Mortarion.

'To think I thought our Primarch was gettting weak for allowing a mere heretic, much less a follower of Tzeentch, to assume command of such a large assembly of Deathguard.' Laughing to himself, Encephalatitus couldn't help but be impressed with what the Deathguard had been able to accomplish during the past nine weeks. 'Not only have we created a permnant base of operation within this sector on Ignus, but we have also been successful in turning the planet of Flamberg into a Daemon World.'

'But now this?!?'


The voice brought the Lord Commander out of his thoughts and back to the message from their Primarch.

"Commander, what are your orders?"

"Inform our brothers that our Primarch is quite pleased with our recent success" said Encephalatitus. "Mortarion has now commanded that we proceed to the Karsonis System and await the arrival of Terminus Est. Once the Terminus Est arrives, we are to lend support and act as an escort in it's mission. We will be briefed as to what the mission is once we join up with the Terminus Est."

"Until Typhus arrives, we are to harrass and harry the fleet commanded by Inquisitior Fortez as much as we can without engaging in a protracted, time consuming campaign."

The Lord Commander paused to allow the magnatude of what their Primarch desired of them to sink in. The Deathguard will once again be under the command of Typhus, however brief it may be. "Make sure to relay the message from our Primarch to the commanders of the Doomblight and Filthbringer. I want both of those cruisers ready to depart by 13:00 hours."

"Yes my lord" said the deck officer as he prepared to carry out his orders.

As the deck officer turned, Encephalatitus motioned for him to stop.

"My Lord....?"

"Inform the sorcerers that I will need to communicate with the Daemon ships. Tell them they have permission to use however many captives they need for their rituals. I have a sneeky suspicion that we will need all four of those hellspawn ships before this is all said and done."

"As you command my lord" said the deck officer, but Encephalatitus didn't hear him as he was already back to his personal thoughts. 'Strange bedfellows indeed.......'

(The Battle for Karsonis is but a small part of the online Warhammer 40K Aftermath Campaign.)

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