Saturday, January 30, 2010

Week 11 of the Aftermath Campaign: The Race to Reload

"The Arcus Hold munitions station in the Vivace System is our target" said Typhus.

"Our Primarch has given me command of the Deathguard forces in the Aftermath Sector in order to accomplish this mission. Arcus Hold is the Imperium's primary supply depot for this sector. Mortarion desires for us to not only rob our opponent of his munitions, but for us to take control of this station for our own. The station is NOT to be destroyed, but captured" he stated.

“What about our efforts here in the Karsonis System” asked Encephalatitus. “Since I have been ordered to not engage Inquisior Fortez in a protracted fight, he has already made significant gains in this system. If you tell us to leave……”

“Do You Question Our Primarchs Ability To Run This Campaign” demanded Typhus.

“No my lord” replied Encephalatitus. “I just don’t want this system to fall completely into Imperial control.”

“Fortez can wait” said Typhus. “You will get your chance Encephalatitus…….and Encephalatitus, you get the privilege of being our Spear-Tip. Your ships will be the first to exit the warp and engage the Imperial Fleet.”

“As you command” replied Encephalatitus.

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