Saturday, January 30, 2010

Week 12 of the Aftermath Campaign: Karsonis Under Seige

Since Typhus and the Terminus Est arrived at the Karsonis System, events have been anything but mundane. With supplies and munitions beginning to run low, the "Maggots of Despair" and "Apostles of Contagion" were ordered to join the fleet of Deathguard ships under Typhus' command, and assist them in securing the Arcus Hold munitions station. Although the Deathguard were victorious at Arcus Hold, Lord Commander Encephalatitus' concerns about leaving the Karsonis System had come to pass.

Inquisitor Fortez wasted no time in taking advantage of their absence from Karsonis. He immediately began to tighten his grip on the already beleagured system. After firmly securing Imperial control at the system level, a full scale bombardment of the planet Karsonis was ordered. Inquisitor Fortez swore that the taint of chaos would either be removed from the planet, or the planet would be subject to Exterminatus. Either way, Karsonis would be cleansed!

Meanwhile, back at Arcus Hold, Typhus informed The Maggots of Despair and Apostles of Contagion of the second phase of Mortarion's plan for them. "Since we have successfully captured the munitions depot at Arcus Hold, Our Primarch wants you to depart from the Deathguard Fleet and head back to Karsonis" he told them. "You will engage Fortez...you will protect the planet Karsonis....and you will regain control of that system in the name of our father Nurgle."

For the past nine days they have fought off the fleet commanded by Inquisitor Fortez. Their defense of Karsonis not only stalled the Imperial fleet, but it has turned the planet into an impenetrable fortress.

It is now time for the Deathguard to go on the offensive and end Fortez' assault on Karsonis. The troops have been given the command they have awaited for........prepare for boarding action.

The hunter is now the hunted.

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