Friday, January 15, 2010

Battle for Arcus Hold: 40K in 40 Minutes, Deathguard vs Deathwing

The set-up for this battle will be: Capture and Control/Dawn of War.

This is a battle being fought and recorded for the online Warhammer 40K Aftermath campaign.

The forces taking place in this battle are:

Deathwing Terminator squad with heavy flamer
Space Marine Dread


7 man Plague Marine Squad: Squad Carrion with Rhino
5 man Lesser Daemon Squad
5 man Lesser Daemon Squad

*Special Rules:
Minimum of one troop choice.
Maximum of one HQ.
No models may have more than 2 wounds.
No special characters.
No 2+ save.
Usually it is "No vehicle may have a total armor value greater than 33 (front, side, rear)" But since Ron (++from the warp++) cheats all the time, we decided it just wasn't worth bringing up the whole Armour thing :)

The Deathguard player wins the dice roll, but hands over the first turn to the Deathwing.

Turns 1 and 2:
The Deathwing Dread is able to immobilize the Deathguard Rhino on turn 1 and are then able to drop their Terminator squad directly in front of the immobilized rhino.

After summoning a squad of their "lesser" daemons, the Deathguard disembark from the rhino and then shower the terminators in multiple baths of flames just before they assault them.

Turn 3:
With combat engaged, it doesn't take all that long for the Deathguard and "Lesser" Daemons to overcome the outnumbered terminators.

With three scoring units surrounding their objective, and the Deathwing having no more scoring units, we called the game.

Game ends with a Deathguard Victory: 1-0

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