Saturday, January 9, 2010

Week 10 of the Aftermath Campaign: The Battle for Karsonis

'Curse that Typhus!'

The concussion from the exploding torpedo's ripped through the starboard launch bays of the Contagion. Klaxons began going off throughtout the Retaliator Class Grand Cruiser as she groaned under the relentless pounding she was receiving from Inquisitor Fortez's fleet.

"Commander, the starboard launch bays are venting atomsphere" said one of the bridge engineers. "The servitors are reporting extensive damage to the hanger decks as well. They advise not allowing the fighter wings to land on it."

'If the Terminus Est doesn't show up soon, I don't think there will be any escort left for him to command' thought Encephalatitius as he worked his way through the wreckage and smoke filled bridge of his ship.

"Helmsman......bring us about so our fighters can double up and use the port landing bays. I want those birds back on board immediately!" growled Encephalatitus.

"Aye, aye sir." Replied the officer.

"Send word to the Doomblight and Filthbringer to bring their fighter squadrons back as well" barked Encephalatitus. "As soon as all of our birds have safely landed, I want the fleet to disengage and head back to the Alpha site."

'We can't take too much more of this' he thought as he stood there surveying the damage reports coming in from all of the ships in the fleet. 'IF the Terminus Est doesn't show up soon, this system will slip firmly into the control of the Imperium, and we won't be able to do anything about it.'

'Typhus better show up soon.'

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