Monday, February 8, 2010

40K in 40 Minutes: Deathguard vs Blood Angels (2)

The set-up for this re-match will be: Annihilation/Pitched Battle.

This is a battle being fought and recorded for the online Warhammer 40K Aftermath campaign.

The forces taking place in this battle are:

Blood Angels:
Tactical Squad: Vet. Sergeant and Rhino Troop Transport (255pts)
Scout Squad (145 pts)
Total: 400pts

Plague Marines: Squad Putridus with Brother Poxspreader
Rhino (dedicated transport) (266pts)
Lesser Daemons (65 pts)
Lesser Daemons (65 pts)
Total: 396 pts

*Special Rules:
Minimum of one troop choice.
Maximum of one HQ.
No models may have more than 2 wounds.
No special characters.
No 2+ save.
No vehicle may have a total armor value greater than 33 (front, side, rear)

The Blood Angel player wins the dice roll and will set-up first.

Turns 1 and 2:
Both the Blood Angel Rhino and the Deathguard Rhino race forward towards the center of the table.  Although the Blood Angel Lascannon fails to score any hits, the melta gun gets the job done and immobilizes the Deathguard transport.

Turn 3:
Cobat is engaged!

Turn 4:
The Deathguard, along with their Daemonic support, make short work of the Blood Angel combat squad.  Under a hail of gungfire, they begin to make their way towards the Blood Angel scouts.

Turn 5:
Although sustaining several wounding shots, the resilience of the Deathguard proves invaluable as they make almost all of their "feels no pain" rolls.

Turn 6:
The Blood Angels combat squad decide to finish off the Deathguard transport and open fire upon it again with the squad lascannon.  This time they were successful and the transport becomes a smouldering wreck.

With the combat squad concentrating on the rhino, the scout squad was left to fend for itself.  Although they put up an inspiring stand, the chosen legion of Nurgle are not denied their second successful assault.
The Blood Angel scout squad is overrun and destroyed.

Turn 7:
The Blood Angels combat squad and their Rhino transport fail in their last ditch effort to finish off at least one squad of the forces of Nurgle, and the game ends with a 2-1 victory for the Deathguard.


  1. Loving the nurgle techmarine at the start (is the main model from the rogue trader days?). Great battle report keep them coming.


  2. Thanks Silar! The model is indeed from the rogue trader days. It is one of the "standard" Nurgle Traitor Marines that I added a techmarine servo-arm onto. I use him as the squads aspiring champion with a "counts-as" power fist (servo-arm), and the antique blunderbuss looking rife as a "counts-as" bolter/flamer combi-weapon.

    More reports and pictures are on the way. Thanks again!