Tuesday, February 9, 2010

40K in 40 Minutes: Deathguard vs Necrons

The set-up for this battle will be: Seize Ground/Spearhead.

This is a battle being fought and recorded for the online Warhammer 40K Aftermath campaign.

The forces taking place in this battle are:

Necron Warriors (200pts)
Necron Warriors (200pts)
Total: 400pts

Plague Marines: Squad Mortis with Brother Grumblegut (396pts)
Total: 396pts

*Special Rules:
Minimum of one troop choice.
Maximum of one HQ.
No models may have more than 2 wounds.
No special characters.
No 2+ save.
No vehicle may have a total armor value greater than 33 (front, side, rear)
Necron "Phase-out" rule will not be in effect

The Deathguard player wins the dice roll and will set-up first.

Turns 1 and 2:

Both sides exchange shots as Squad Mortis advances towards the first Necron squad.  After rapid firing into the Necron squad, Squad Mortis charges into the Necrons.

Turn 3:

After two heated rounds of combat, Squad Mortis is victorious and begins to advance towards the second Necron squad.

Turns 4 and 5:

With the Necrons pulling back to keep out of assault range for as long as possible, Squad Mortis and the Necrons exchange fire. 

Turn 6:
After two rounds of chasing the Necrons, the Deathwing are finally able to corner the Necrons and engage them in close combat.  After a couple of intense but brief rounds of combat, the necrons are defeated.

Game ends with a Deathguard Victory: 1-0/Wipeout!

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